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Don't Touch That Saltillo!

It happens often.Well-meaning homeowners say to themselves, 'I can handle this. Refinishing Saltillo can't be that hard". And before they know it, they are 1/8th of the way through and realize 'this is way over my head'. Hopefully by that time they pick up the phone and call a professional Saltillo restoration company like Saltillo King.

Saltillo is beautiful, rustic and warm, but it can be a nightmare to restore if one lacks experience. Things like efflorescence, peeling, staining, milk-wash, oil based sealers, water-based sealers, polish, discoloration and grout darkening can all come into play with Saltillo. Only those with the technical know-how should even try to tackle such a complicated flooring. If it were easy, more people would do it!

There are three main concerns when restoring Saltillo. First, what has been done to the floor since it was installed? This is a very important question because it determines how the professional will restore the Saltillo. Secondly, when was the last time something was done to the tile, in terms of restoration. Has it been six months? Six years? Or perhaps it has been 60 years since it was restored? A professional company like Saltillo King will collect this data and use it to determine the best game-plan for the desired outcome. And finally, what does the homeowner (or business owner) have in mind for the final product? Some people love the rustic charm of Saltillo and purposefully want it to remain "rough and rugged". Others prefer a clean, matte finish for their Saltillo. However, some prefer a high polish, almost mirror-like finish. All three of these concerns must be answered prior to proceeding with a professional Saltillo restoration project.

With all of these technical and specific requirements necessary to professionally restore Saltillo, this is one job that strongly suggests "don't touch that Saltillo'. Call the good people at Saltillo King and let them treat you and your tile like royalty!

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