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About Us

Years of Experience

Our Company has years of experience in Saltillo restoration and refinishing in San Antonio. Not every company can say that.  We understand the unique properties and make-up of this specialty flooring, which means we know how to make it look great!

Excellence and Professionalism 

When you hire Saltillo King to restore your Saltillo,you have the peace of mind that you are hiring experienced professionals who are Saltillo experts. We approach every restoration job with care, making sure we maintain excellence and professionalism. Restoring Saltillo is a difficult and specialized procedure - one that shouldn't be left to those without significant experience.  Saltillo King has that experience.

Insured and Guaranteed

At Saltillo King, we stand behind our work.  That's why we offer our "Royal Guarantee". Our Royal Guarantee states the "we aren't satisfied until YOU are satisfied". So even though we are the Saltillo Kings, we treat YOU like royalty!

In addition to our quality guarantee, we are also fully insured.  We carry both General Liability Insurance and Worker's Compensation Insurance so you never have to worry about having our employees at your home or place of business!

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